IT Management

In this connected environment, we need systems to be accessible at all times by internal and external customers. Without a properly designed and optimised network, this would not be possible.

Dandemutande employs various industry tools for monitoring, reporting, IPT optimisation and security testing to optimise the layout of your network.

Dandemutande specialists are always up to date with the industry’s ever-changing trends and are available to share valuable knowledge with you.

Dandemutande is here to help you avoid loss of business due to slow and inaccessible networks.

Value Proposition

YoAfrica provides you with a scalable network capable of adapting to new industry trends as they evolve, keeping you ahead of your competition all the time.

YoAfrica works with leading international solution providers to provide you with the best in IT infrastructure and applications optimisation for the best performance and results.

YoAfrica’s network monitoring and optimisation tools will help us to identify any points of failure in your system, and we will recommend solutions that prevent recurrences.

YoAfrica ensures that your system is operating at optimum levels allowing you to derive full benefits from your IT investment.

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