Dandemutande Investments partnered with Solidarity Trust in Zimbabwe to provide internet connectivity, hosting services and ICT hardware for St Anne’s Hospital, worth close to ZWL$2millon dollars.

In a handover ceremony held at the Dandemutande Head Office on 17 August, CEO of Dandemutande, Never Ncube highlighted the importance of ICTs in the healthcare sector.

“ICTs play a critical role in improving health care for individuals, as well as ensuring advanced research, better governance and improved tracking systems. We sincerely hope this contribution we have made will go beyond just being a donation but will make a difference,” said Ncube.

Chairman of SOTZIM, Dr Nigel Chanakira, applauded the significant contributions of corporates towards the opening of St Anne’s hospital as a COVID-19 response centre. He further expressed gratitude for the gesture that Dandemutande has made to keep the hospital connected, as well as the “2019” hotline, which would sometimes receive up to 10 000 calls per day.

The devastating effects of the COVID-19 pandemic have been experienced worldwide, as there are over 21 million cases that have been recorded and over 760 000 deaths. Zimbabwe has not been spared, as it has close to 5000 recorded cases and close to 150 recorded deaths.

The healthcare sector desperately needs resources and capital injection to give relief to the scores of Zimbabweans, who are failing to get adequate care and attention. Dandemutande applauds the work that is being done by SOTZIM, in mobilising resources and coordinating donations in aid of the national COVID-19 response.