Dandemutande was awarded the Synchronized Security Partner of the Year 2021 Award by Sophos. Dandemutande, ahead of all other Sophos partners in Zimbabwe, was recognized for outstanding performance and commitment to securing organisations with Sophos’ next-generation cyber security solutions and services. This award recognizes the technical expertise that the organisation has in delivering cyber security solutions.

As a worldwide leader in next-generation cybersecurity, Sophos protects more than 400,000 organizations of all sizes in more than 150 countries from today’s most advanced cyber threats. Sophos sells its products and services exclusively through a global channel of more than 53,000 partners and managed service providers (MSPs). Dandemutande is a Gold Partner of Sophos

As companies are accelerating their digital transformation, and cybersecurity is now a major concern. Locally some organisations have fallen prey to phishing attacks. Cyber-attackers now see the pandemic as an opportunity to step up their criminal activities by exploiting the vulnerability of employees working from home. Dandemutande is offering various ICT security solutions with the necessary hardware to protect companies and their computer network systems from intruders and hackers. Our cyber security solutions fight against malware and control access of companies’ most valuable asset, which is data.

The increase in remote working calls for a greater focus on cybersecurity, because of the greater exposure to cyber risk.  Dandemutande offers Network Security Firewalls, Email Security, Endpoint Security Solutions, Data Encryption, Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Testing. In order to ensure your employees are equipped with cyber security knowledge, the organisation also offers Cyber Security Awareness Training. To further cater for the physical security side, Dandemutande offers a suite of CCTV and Video Analytics Solutions, Biometric Access Systems and Vehicle Tracking Solutions.