Due to the COVID 19 pandemic, Dandemutande has implemented precautionary measures to curb the spread and impact of the virus. We therefore restricted visits to our offices from Monday 30 March, until further notice. This is in line with safe social distancing practices. Measures currently being taken are as follows:


Payments Electronic payments are being done remotely.
Installations All installations have been scaled down. We are continuously assessing the situation in-order to respond accordingly.
Customer Support We are reachable via our digital platforms as follows:

Voice Number – 08688000005

Email Address – noc@dandemutande.co.zw or sales@dandemutande.co.zw

Facebook, Twitter & Instagram – @DandemutandeZW

LinkedIn – Dandemutande Private Limited

Core Network and Systems Our network and systems are being monitored 24/7 to ensure high availability. All our systems have in-built redundancy. Our architecture allows for dual redundancy in-country and external back-up. We have engineers on-call.
Data-centre access All customer DC visit requests are being assessed in order to limit visits for critical incidents only (where equipment is not remotely accessible). We are also providing remote hands support.


We encourage you to stay safe and protected during this period. We remain committed to working together to ensure smooth business continuity.