Turn on Your Waiting Room:

One of the best ways to secure your meeting is to turn on Zoom’s Waiting Room feature. This feature provides a virtual waiting room for your attendees and allows you to admit individual meeting participants into your meeting at your discretion.

Only Allow Registered Users:  

When scheduling a meeting, you can require attendees to register with their e-mail, name, and custom questions. You can even customise your registration page with a banner and logo. By default, Zoom also restricts participants to those who are logged into Zoom, and you can even restrict it to Zoom users whose email address uses a certain domain.

Master the Security Menu:

Zoom now puts all your essential security options in a single button, right in the in-meeting menu. Under this menu you will be able to lock your meeting and prevent any new participants from joining. You will also be able to enable Waiting Room to help manage new meeting participants and be able to control any sharing and chat permissions of individuals and all attendees.

Require a Passcode to Join:

You can take meeting security even further by requiring a passcode to join your meetings. This feature can be applied to both your Personal Meeting ID, so only those with the passcode will be able to reach you, and to newly scheduled meetings.