A vehicle tracking system combines the use of automated locations in individual vehicles, with software that collects fleet data and real time movement of vehicles. Our vehicle tracking systems at Dandemutande, provides you with a hassle free and user-friendly dashboard. This puts you in the driver’s seat giving you total control of your business.

One of the major concerns when managing your fleet is how you can keep updated. The Dandemutande vehicle tracking solution keeps you updated by sending customised alerts. This is like having a virtual manager sitting next to your driver. For your convenience, you can receive these alerts, via email or SMS. Some of the alerts you can receive are as follows:

  • Speeding and excessive idling alerts
  • Geo-fencing alerts
  • Fatigue management alerts
  • Roll-over alerts
  • Harsh braking alerts
  • Theft alerts

With our system, you are guaranteed of on-demand, real-time reporting. The ability to receive data across your fleet in real-time, enables you to adapt to any adverse conditions and always remain one step ahead. This not only makes your job a lot easier, it also allows you to have an edge on the competition. The Dandemutande fleet management system provides customised and robust on-demand reporting that ensures you have the information you need when you want it. This improves efficiency, reduces operating and maintenance costs, by giving you total control over your mobile assets. The Dandemutande fleet management system allows you to locate your vehicles on a map in seconds. A full reporting suite lets you download and review reports in real-time, as well as scheduled automatically generated reports to be to any email address.

In addition, you will have access to the historical data of your vehicles. The ability to review vehicle utilisation, daily usage, and route selection aids in calculating better efficiencies and savings. This is a powerful tool in making informed business decisions and plan accordingly for the future. Other features of our fleet management system include the ability to set virtual perimeters (geo-fencing) and SOS alerts which are sent to several recipients in the event of an accident, breakdown or any dangerous situation. To ensure driver accountability, the system provides detailed information about specific driver activity which lets you manage timesheets easily to make sure the drivers are carrying out the work you intended. In addition, there is a fuel management system which allows you to check fuel purchases in real time, prevent misuse of fuel cards, eliminate fuel theft and get powerful data on consumption. This information will help you set targets for fuel consumption, train eco-driving and enhance your fuel economy.

This article was contributed by Kevin Ngalonde. Kevin Ngalonde is a Business Solutions Architect at Dandemutande

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