Dandemutande E-learning solutions are designed to make learning, and development, easy and relevant. You are guaranteed to learn in an ideal environment where your employees, partners, students, and customers retain and apply their skills. We have off the shelf solutions and we can develop according to your organization’s requirements.

Who Requires E-learning Solutions?

  • Businesses of all sizes, from large multinational enterprises to small and medium-sized businesses
  • Organizations, including Non-Government Organizations and non-profits
  • Government agencies (municipal, provincial)
  • Traditional educational institutions (schools, universities, or colleges)


  1. Learning Management Systems

Learning Management Systems Features and Benefits

LMS is specifically to support global training and certification programs, virtual classrooms, enterprise. Dandemutande is offering unique Learning Management Systems that will allow our customers to provide a blended learning solution of on-demand, virtual learning, and classroom management in a single solution.

The LMS will allow you to have full control of the training and certification experience. This solution allows for easy User Group Management where different groups can be segmented into specific target courses and certifications. This eLearning platform will have your customizable branding and is therefore unique to you.

Institute Site Features

  • External Course Management – provides the ability to enter and manage external course information.
  • Course Preview – easily preview courses directly from the administrative site prior to deploying.
  • Bulk Registration – register specified user groups to courses.
  • Learning Plans – create customized learning plans for your students.
  • WebEx Integrated – the system is integrated with WebEx, Microsoft Teams and Zoom
  • eCommerce – students can purchase courses via credit card, voucher, or purchase order.
  • Self-Registration – the application provides a self-registration module to support the processing of students outside the LMS.

Student Site Features

  • Custom Communications – notify students with alerts and special communications via the home page using the Messages and Alerts feature.
  • Global Application – Dandemutande LMS supports any language. Currently available in 27 languages. New languages can be easily added and deployed in a short amount of time.
  • Student Transcripts – Dandemutande LMS provides students a view to their transcripts. This page keeps them informed on each course status, due dates, and scores.
  • Learning Plans – these provide your student with a recommended learning path that you have created based on their individual needs.
  • Instant Test Analysis – Dandemutande LMS allows your students to see their scores immediately upon completing an exam.


  • Secure corporate training- Secure sign-on for keeping corporate training and processes private only to those who need access
  • Cost-effective- Cost savings over other formats of training due to less travel, no outside paid trainers, etc.
  • Equal training for all subsidiaries- Consistency of learning materials and concepts across multiple worksites and regions
  • Compliant to private information policies- Security of user private information and course progress within the LMS
  • Flexibility and creativity– of the learning materials, which enhances the student experience and encourages shared collaboration
  • Artificial intelligence and automation– makes administration of learning materials easier for instructors, freeing up their time for other teaching opportunities