Digital transformation has been gathering steam since the beginning of this decade. As more and more organizations undergo digital transformation, cybersecurity challenges underpin many of the decision-making processes.  Security concerns are frequently more of an afterthought, by most companies. However, companies should be having security conversations right from the start.

Dealing with Data protection

Data protection is one of the biggest issues companies grapple with as transformation initiatives move forward. At Dandemutande, we are very focused on making sure our customers can securely grow at scale, whether it’s  IoT solutions, or a multicloud environment one of our mandates is to make sure the data our customers entrust with us is secure. The idea of just diving into the cloud without thinking about the business context and what you need to protect is dangerous.

Match Cyber Security with rapid growth

Organisations also need to have a good understanding of how the speed of transformation will impact their business and affect decision making. Another hurdle many organizations must overcome is how to match cybersecurity with rapid growth. As companies scale, it becomes harder to manage the joiners and leavers process. A small company may have 10 employees, each of whom has 10 cloud accounts. That means managing 100 accounts. What happens when someone leaves? Who makes sure they are locked out? And what happens when the company grows to two, three, or four hundred employees? With cloud proliferation, it becomes an unmanageable problem to solve. For this reason, it is important to have processes in place as you grow, and to consider the security of cloud providers, ensuring they can manage and secure their own accounts.

Get employees buy in

Successfully adopting new technologies and processes requires that organisations consider the impact on employees. Many companies do not get employees involved soon enough in the digital planning process. It is important to get them involved in order to determine if they can actually utilize new technologies and processes effectively and whether they understand them.


AI – a growing challenge

Artificial intelligence (AI) poses one of the biggest challenges over the next five years. As AI becomes part of the way organisations do business on an everyday basis, attacks on AI-based systems will increase. Imagine your company is making decisions based on the way an AI algorithm works and then an attacker figures out a way to manipulate that AI so that it behaves differently. This type of vulnerability could cause companies some serious problems.

This article was contributed by Collin Nyoni. Collin Nyoni is a Business Solutions Architect at Dandemutande

For any cybersecurity concerns you may have in your digital transformation journey, contact sales@dandemutande.co.zw